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To Tip... Or Not to Tip?

Welcome back friends! Over the last few days, we have received a remarkable amount of questions from our Wedding clients regarding Vendor tipping. To some this may seem silly, "Why would I pay them more for doing their job when I already paid so much to hire them?" while others find it an expectation, "Why wouldn't I tip? If my 'vendor' is outstanding, they deserve it!" As always, it's completely up to the couple (or whomever is paying for the event, mind you) if tipping is something that should be part of the event budget or not.

In my experience, tipping has become somewhat scarce in today's society. With event budgets getting tighter and tighter and with vendor pricing getting higher and higher, it's not all too surprising. The vendors I have had the pleasure of working with share this notion that "tipping is dead," but the hope of exceeding everyone's expectations and earning a little something extra will always remain. It's becoming increasingly harder and harder for small businesses to stay afloat without shooting their prices sky high and driving clients away or devaluing their products or services by lowering them to attempt attracting more. But any who, after doing some research (and based on my experience with Wedding Vendors) here is a nifty guide to help you decide whether or not tipping is for you!


This vendor can be tricky. Customarily it is expected that you tip your On-site Coordinator, Banquet Captain/Manager, Bartender (if employed through the Venue) and any staff you deem exceeded your expectations. Tipping these vendors can range anywhere from 10-20% depending on the specifics and total of your Food/Beverage bill. However! With this being said, double check your contract with the Venue. It is becoming more and more common for Venues to automatically charge a gratuity in your contract total; which means you do not need to tip