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Tip-sy Tuesday - You're Wedding Timeline Demystified!

Happy Tuesday friends! Hope you're staying toasted, I mean toasty warm after the crazy whirlwind of a weekend we Coloradans had. I certainly froze my arse off this past weekend (I'll detail that next Monday!) but with all the post processing I have left to do, I won't be leaving the warmth of my office anytime soon.

Today we will be breaking down the illustrious Wedding Day Timeline. Now to many of you, this might seem obvious and not really note worthy, but there is so much you have to take into account for your big day; much more than what order you want things to happen. So I'll be walking you through how to prepare your timeline in a way that not only puts your mind at ease, but helps your vendors prepare to serve you best! The nice part is, I have experienced from both sides of the coin as Coordinator and as Photographer; let me tell you that timelines for these two vendors to do their work are vastly different. Ideally your Venue Coordinator should help you put together a timeline, but sadly they rarely get the information and/or opinion of the other involved vendors before they do (and it gets real messy.) Let's begin with what sche