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🌱Green - Sustainable - Eco-Friendly Weddings!🌿

Yes they do exist! We here at Once in a Lifetime are extremely passionate about the environment. In fact, our 2020 Give Back donation was to the Ocean Conservancy. Without getting on our soapbox (I'll do my very best) we believe we only have one planet and whatever we can do to take care of it is well worth the effort. And you're not alone! We recycle whenever and however we can, we order our prints and goods locally right here in Colorado, and do our best to shop local for food and other goods whenever possible. Today we'll be talking about ways you can make your wedding day as environmentally friendly as possible!

The sad truth is that Weddings are one of the most wasteful events out there. The average wedding can produce almost 400lbs of waste; with a national average of 2.3 million weddings per year, that's over 1 BILLION pounds of trash! And it's not just trash; in just one day a single wedding can produce 63 tons of CO2 -- that's the equivalent five people would make in an entire year. It's a mess and no one talks about it. There is an unspoken expectation that couples have to host an over the top, extravagant, costly wedding because "that's how it's done," and anything less is judged and ridiculed.

But it doesn't have to be this way. A point we try to get across to all of our couples, no matter the subject, is that their wedding should be the way they want it; the way they dreamed it could be without feeling obligated to go above and beyond for the sake of what their guests think. Whether you want a large, extra detailed wedding or a simple get together, there are ways to cut emissions and avoid waste. Here is what we suggest: