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...Most Ardently

For this episode of "That Planner Life..." (hey that sounds pretty good, maybe I should start a TV show... just kidding) here's a little more about myself and some of the details behind my company. Enjoy!

If you have ever received an email from me, you might have noticed my signature salutation is 'Ardently.' This stems from my love of the book Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin; the notorious line "Most Ardently" from Mr. Darcy proclaiming his love for Elizabeth Bennett. The phrase translates to "Most Passionately" and that is exactly what Once in a Lifetime is to me: my passion. My services come from a determination and love for what I do. So much so... I got a tattoo.

That's right, it's permanently engraved into my skin, that's how much I love it. I designed it around the signature phrase with some Stephanotis flower accents. I chose Stephanotis because they symbolize good luck and happiness in marriage; traditionally, brides would include these flowers in their bridal bouquet, therefore I thought it appropriate seeing as I chose Weddings for my profession.

But it is so much more than a profession or a job and that's what I love the most. It's something to look forward to, something to keep my creativity flowing, something that brings me joy.

Anywho enough about my tattoo addiction and ranting about Flora. This what I know everyone wants to know about: my pets.

I have the joy of caring for the biggest baby on the planet... fur-baby that is.

Meet Charlee (short for Charles Barklee) named after his charming Charlie Chaplin mustache. He is my 98lb. St. Bernard/ Great Pyrenees, ball of fluff who was rescued from a hoarding/breeding mill in Oklahoma. He's a total mama's boy, though, let me tell ya. But he's been with me through thick and thin since I graduated College and I wouldn't trade a minute of his dinosaur noises at 5am or tuffs of hair stuck to all of my clothes.

Another member of the family is our little, scaly, love: Hades the Beta (because fun fact: I'm a Disney nerd.) He is goofy and loves to follow our fingers across the glass of his bowl. He loves to make funny faces through his little "hut," Pride Rock for the win (Mt. Olympus was already taken for obvious reasons.) He always has his happy little fishy face ready to say good morning from atop the kitchen island.

I hope you've enjoyed this edition of "That planner Life" (still considering a TV show...don't judge.)

Come back Friday for our first edition of Feature Friday, where we spotlight some of our favorite Vendors!

Thank you for reading!

Adios Amigos,


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