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✨Magic Monday✨ - Winter Wedding Wonderland!❄️

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope todays edition of Magic Monday finds you warm, motivated and ready for the week!

Today I'll be covering the glorious weekend I had October 23-25th (sorta.) It was one for the books and I'll never forget how amazing and fun it was!! So snuggle up and let's get started!

October 23, 2020... now that was a day to remember. I can't go too much into detail about this one YET, but I can tell you that it was a first for me. Many of you might not know that I was accepted as an Editorial Board Member for the Colorado Wedding Magazine (awesome sauce right? I'm still pinching myself!) This means I get to help with the features, themes and overall style of each issue of the magazine and in this case, take photos for the cover!

That's right folks, this lady was part of a Magazine Cover Shoot! It was amazing and the women I got to meet and photograph were even more so.

I promise when all is ready I will explain more and dive deep into the dreaminess of this photoshoot, but because this shoot was for our edition coming to stands in December, I can't spill too much about it.

Needless to say, I'm still in awe and it might just be the most fun and extraverted thing I've ever done! Oh! And Spoiler... I even got to model! But more on all that in a few weeks.

October 25, 2020 was the wedding of Amanda and Brennan. I had the pleasure of meeting these two adorable love birds for their engagement session back in July and had been eagerly awaiting their wedding day.

These two had to completely move venues and dates due to COVID19 less than three months before their wedding. Talk about stressful! But thankfully we were able to coordinate and make it work! Those three months both flew and dragged by (funny how that works right?) and here we were the weekend of the wedding and what should happen? A Colorado Blizzard. Of course.

Lucky for me, the venue they chose was the stunning Pinecrest Wedding and Event Center in Palmer Lake, Colorado; literally 10 minutes down the road from where I live. So thankfully I didn't have to commute too far in the craziness (or even attempt I-25, yuck!) Now, I am not a big fan of Winter; I'm a Colorado Native, I've survived countless blizzards and bomb cyclones... still not used to it but I was so excited for this inclement weather it was outrageous. To be fair, this year I've actually been looking forward to cooler weather and a chance to snuggle up next to the fireplace with my pups but I never actually get excited over snow. I had never shot in the snow; before or after, sure, but it's not the same as during a snow storm and I was stoked to get some dreamy wintery shots. Unfortunately it was a little more blustery than I anticipated when I left my house, so our time outside for portraits was definitely short. Gorgeous but short.

Everything was flawless; the ceremony, the reception, all of it was such a wonderful event to witness. And golly the chapel at Pinecrest is just beautiful; a fairytale place to get married. And I have to say, as a Photographer who spends hours trying to get the crappy yellow hues from the lights above out of my photos... the Chapel AND Dressing rooms all had white light bulbs; DREAM. COME. TRUE. The staff was AMAZING; super friendly, helpful and there wasn't a single moment where they weren't up moving around directing vendors or staff or helping guests. Truly professional and pleasant to work alongside.

What I Learned:

Timelines, as we learned last week in our Tip-sy Tuesday blog post, are a finicky thing; when not put together right it can cause a lot of unnecessary panic. While this wedding's timeline seemed pretty straightforward and well thought out, we all know how hair and makeup, finding family members or bridal party can be a nightmare and cause us to run late. This wedding was a classic wait, wait, rush rush rush, wait, relax event and because of the unnatural 7-degree weather outside, I had to think on my feet faster than usual. I found myself blanking on the poses I had dreamed of for these two the last three months, couldn't keep them outside in the cold forever and yet be confined indoors for most of it all creatively numbing (not to mention my fingers were freezing.) So what I've learned, having an engagement session before truly, truly helps both my couples as well as myself, 1) to meet in person 2) get a sense of style and personality for the couple, but more than that is having some sort of pose cheat sheet (almost like a physical pinterest board but catered to each of my couples) with me so that if I draw a blank or I'm pressed for time, I can still get the shots I had initially prepped for.

One other thing I learned, particularly at the last two venues, is that high vaulted ceilings are the devil. They look GORGEOUS in photos during the day but create such a difficult time for photographers. Essentially, I prefer to bounce my flash off of the ceiling to create a false sense of lighting without causing harsh shadows; without the ability to bounce my flash off the ceiling, the room ends up being too dark and I have to point my flash directly at my subjects often causing harsh over-exposure, shadows and let's face it blinded guests. While I always attempt to use my telephoto lens to keep my distance from guests so it's not quite so bright, it happens if someone walks by or moves towards me unexpectedly. So this winter, I think I shall invest in some remote lighting options to better light unruly venues and keep the blinding light away from my subjects.

This week was a quickie, but no less enjoyable and fun to share with you all. Be sure to stay tuned for the amazing photos, features and news about our upcoming issue with the Colorado Wedding Magazine! I am beyond excited to share all that with you all!

As always, thank you so much for reading! Be sure to check in tomorrow for our newest Tip-sy Tuesday blog!

Stay safe, healthy and warm and I'll see you all next time!



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