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✨Magic Monday - Engagements, Elopements & Weddings, Oh My! ✨

Gooooood evening to you friends! Happy Monday; our fresh start and day of setting intentions for the week!

We have been so insanely busy the last few weeks, it's a wonder I know what day it is. All good things and amazing opportunities, just... A Lot.

Today I am recounting the weekend of October 16th-18th, as we had a different kind of gig each day! (I love variety!) So let's jump right in!

Friday, October 16th, we had a the pleasure of meeting Nikki and Daniel, along with their adorable puppy, Piper. They were visiting from Oklahoma and had only been to the western side of Colorado before.

When they reached out, they initially asked for Elopement photography, but then decided to add an Engagement session. While they really only knew of the one location, the Paint Mines, I suggested an alternative for their Engagement photos (variety and all that.) They were definitely up for an adventure, so we set out for the Garden of the Gods.

Whilst there, parking was a nightmare, per usual, but we ended up snagging some AMAZING photos on our hike into the park. I've had great success at Garden of the Gods in the past, but this session just might take the cake on our favorite there (puppies tend to have that effect.)

What I Learned:

To be fair, I knew parking would be a nightmare, as with every time I go, but I'd never gone on a weeknight before and was unprepared for how traffic was unnaturally heavy. In the future, I'll definitely make sure we schedule some buffer time onto our session to avoid staying late or losing precious daylight hours (especially in late Fall/Winter when the sun goes down sooner.) Otherwise, I truly believe this session was successful. Nikki and Daniel made it almost too easy, during and for post processing.

Next, we had Nikki and Daniel's Elopement on Saturday, October 17th. Literally 24 hours later. It was a new experience for me, but it was actually super fun to get to see my couple so soon. It was definitely nicer than taking their Engagement photos and having to wait a year for their wedding (just kills me sometimes!)

We went to the Paint Mines Interpretive Park in Calhan, Colorado and the day could not have been more gorgeous. It started off a little on the hot side, considering the time of year and weather forecast, but eventually the clouds came and gave us the perfect overcast, moody feel. It was a perfect day, and the shots we got of this goofy, wonderful couple could not have turned out better.

In fact, the worst thing that happened was when Daniel accidentally turned around before his first look to ask for something to put his gum into and saw Nikki. One of the funniest moments of my career, and the fact that they both laughed about it made it even better.

What I Learned:

Never ever trust a Groom to not turn around before it's time for the first look. Never.

Whoo, now came our long awaited Wedding with Karly and James at the Club at Pradera, in Parker, Colorado. If you've never seen this venue, check it out asap! It's been there forever but really only started hosting weddings within the last few years; the definition of a hidden gem! The venue staff were so helpful and friendly; they had it looking flawless. Photographer's dream.

From there it was go, go, go the rest of the day for Mike and I; from their first look, portraits, ceremony to their reception, the day flew by and it was utterly gorgeous through and through.

What We Learned:

With how the guys and gals were separated, it was difficult for Mike and I to communicate (side note: there is limited cell reception at this venue I found out.) He was with the guys and I was with the girls but unable to easily coordinate the first look. We may invest in some CIA grade walkie talkies from now on. Luckily, we were both ahead of schedule and had a buffer to finally get ahold of one another.

We also learned, or rather confirmed, that it is extremely beneficial to take all portraits of the bride, groom and bridal party before the ceremony when doing a first look. Not only does this eliminate time away from guests, it also allows for a buffer when taking family portraits during cocktail hour. As with any family, especially large ones, rounding up members from each side is like herding cats, so it helps to only have to worry about these photos in the miniscule hour between the ceremony and reception.

What a weekend, am I right? I am so happy with how Nikki and Daniel's and James and Karly's day went and the beautiful images to remind us of their special day. Mike and I wish them the very best and all the happiness life can bring. I can't thank them enough for working with us and giving us the chance to capture some truly special memories.

Until next week, friends, and boy oh boy do i have some exciting news coming up for you all (I'm literally shaking with excitement just thinking about it!) have a marvelous week and don't forget to check out our next Tip-sy Tuesday post!

Thanks for reading!



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