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✨Magic Monday ~ 10/19✨

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Joyeux lundi! Happy Monday friends!

Seeing as it takes us a few days to finish up any given session or event photos, ouragiconday posts will be in reference to happenings from the week prior to their post date.

For this Monday, we'll be sharing all about our 20's styled Family Portrait session from the 11th.

Now, this beautiful family happens to be mine; my cousins to be exact! They came to me with the idea of a Roaring 20's session for their family portraits to ring in the new decade and I could not have been more excited! We immediately set out to find the perfect spot.

This turned out to be quite the frustrating adventure. Thanks to COVID19, we were extremely limited in where we could go and safely take photos without masks and with how unpredictable Colorado weather can be, we definitely did not want to chance an outdoor location this late in the year. After five different attempts, I had a venue reach out to me directly. The Rose Venue in Golden, Colorado was the PERFECT spot to take photos and we wouldn't be in the way of the public nor would we have to mask it up. Patricia, the Venue Coordinator, was beyond helpful and so great to work with. We ended up using the State Room Lounge only, but I could see some beautiful events being held there!

What We Learned:

As with any unfamiliar location, we tend to have to be on our toes, ready for anything. While this venue is perfect for our theme, it was difficult to grab the perfect lighting. The lounge faces West and our session was at 11am, so there shouldn't have been too harsh of light coming through the windows just yet, right? Wrongo. The vintage lighting cast a harsh yellow light, while the windows cast a bright natural light on only half my subjects. This created some difficult shadows as well as some difficult editing of skin tones. While we love how they turned out, it ended up being a fair bit more work getting them that way than usual. Instead, we should have turned all artificial lighting off and utilized our flash (yuck) to avoid the uneven skin tones and more balanced lighting of our subjects, but hey hindsight's 20/20.

We are beyond grateful to The Rose Venue for their hospitality and amazing venue. We definitely look forward to shooting events and hopefully more sessions there soon!

As always, thank you reading! Stay tuned next Monday when we dive into our back to back Engagement, Elopement, and Wedding filled weekend (yesterday.) While they were all within 48 hours of each other, they could not be more unique from one another.

Have yourself a happy Monday and we'll see you tomorrow for Tipsy Tuesday!



Note: No Giggle Water was consumed during this session! 🙃

Photography: @onceinalifetime2015

Venue: @therosevenue

Venue Coordinator: @all_four_seasons_events

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