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Amanda | Level 4 Studio, Colorado Springs, CO | Boudoir Session

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Amanda's Level 4 Studio Boudoir session was the first I have had the pleasure to do in a LOOOONG time... and it did not disappoint. This lovely lady and I had already spent some time together during her Engagement session in 2020 and her wedding was fast approaching, so she wanted to surprise her groom with some beautiful boudoir photos prior to the wedding! This was also my first time doing an in-studio boudoir session, since COVID put a stop to in-home sessions -- but truly, it was more than I could have hoped for: beautiful natural light, gorgeous setup and props; they even had lighting equipment in case I needed a little extra! It made for the best boudoir session to date that I've ever done. Thank you for trusting me and experimenting with a studio session with me Amanda!