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July 13, 2019 - Wedding!

Ah man, please forgive my tardiness and lack of postage, but I was so busy editing over 2,000 photos for my July 13th Couple! It's no excuse, but nevertheless.

To begin, this wedding was for a dear friend of mine and his sweetheart of over three years. They chose me to do their Engagement photos (which seems like ages ago) and now the happiest day of their lives! To say it was an honor puts how I really really feel to shame.

The only bummer was poor Yoda's (doggo in the picture on the left) inability to attend.

It was a hot, hot, hot summer Saturday with not a cloud in sight, which from a Coordinator perspective is FANTASTIC, but as their Wedding Photographer I was dreading those harsh shadows and unbearable heat for my subjects. But, as I knew deep within, everything worked out just fine!

The ceremony was sunny and warm but never lacking in the beautiful, mushy romance that I just adore. There were a few tears and quite a few laughs but most of all there was love all around.

It was beautiful to say the least; the ceremonial arch set up with a small view of the mountains (and old town Parker) with bright green grass and flowers (rare this time of year in Colorado!) Picture Perfect.

From there, the guests enjoyed some drinks and food (and air conditioning) while I snuck off with the couple for their photos together. Now, I've got to tell you, with this couple, it was incredibly easy to capture some amazing photos. The emotion and love they showed towards one another was just breathtaking.

Finally, after enduring some intensive heat exhaustion, we were ready for them to join their guests and get their groove on! With a warm Grand Entrance dance party, they entered the dance floor to share their first dance as a married couple to the song Tangled Up In You by Staind .

What was even better, was they invited their bridal party to also dance towards the end of their song. Talk about a tear jerker!

And of course from there, the Father-Daughter Dance and Mother-Son dances. These are the ones that really get me (no offense guys!) Just seeing how much a parent loves their child and seeing how incredibly happy they are for them, is simply magical.

From there the dance floor opened and dinner began. Now, I have worked numerous weddings and in all my years, I have never seen so many people (all different ages too) actually dance at a wedding. And I don't just mean the Cupid Shuffle or the Wobble; I mean DANCE: swing, salsa, blues, you name it!

It was so refreshing to see and for everyone to be truly enjoying a wedding is everything a Photographer (Wedding Professional in general) wants to see!

From country to hip-hop all the way to latino, there was every kind of music played. It was, again, refreshing from the stereotypical Wedding hits that all the drunkards yell out of key and I could honestly tell it made a difference for the guests!

They went through their major events of cake cutting, bouquet and garter toss, and even a money dance thrown in there and it was shear perfection and fun!

The evening swiftly came to a close as the couple shared their final dance together. It was bitter-sweet that all the fun was about to end, but also gorgeous to capture as the mellow atmosphere slowly filled the venue.

As I've said, it was beyond a pleasure to capture these two in the different stages of their love. I wish them the very best and all the happiness in the world! I cannot wait to see what the future holds in store for them! Congrats to the Canadays!

Thanks for reading and keep up with all the shenanigans I've been up to! Stay tuned for some more tips, tricks and helpful hints in our next post!

Until next time!

Au revoir,


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