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Incoming! Magic Monday, Tip-sy Tuesday... Say What??

“ Me think, why waste time say lot word, when few word do trick.” – Kevin Malone, The Office

Alright Office fans, while we don't intend to talk like Kevin, we did want to pop in to say we've got exciting news and rad adventures coming! We have BIG stuff coming your way; tips, advice, insider wedding information and more!

We are coming to you via Facebook, Instagram, this blog and more each week to give you a backstage pass into our world of Event Planning and Photography. Here's what we are SO excited to share with you:

Magic Mondays: We want to restructure the stereotypical manic Monday stigma and instead get excited for the new week. Each Monday, we will be reflecting on our adventures over the weekend. We will be giving you insight on what went according to plan and what we were able to learn. Let's be honest, we all make mistakes, but it takes a lot to admit to it. We believe in never-ending growth and we want to share it with you (along with sneak peeks of our work!)

Tip-sy Tuesdays: Grab yourself some water, tea, a beer or glass of wine and join us while we answer YOUR questions! We'll be giving you inside tips and answering everyday questions about us, what we do, our industry, and some overall troubleshooting to help you feel confident in navigating this exciting (and stressful) time in your life!

Workspace Wednesdays: Step into our office! See where the creativity, imagination, and magic happens and meet the team! It's one thing to see our work and hear about us from reviews, but it's a whole different story to feel like you know who you're working with. We'll also be showcasing our work, products and how we operate so you know you're getting the best value (and we'd be lying if we said our fur-babies wouldn't make the occasional appearance!)

Thoughtful Thursdays: We all know life gets chaotic, the world is in a very distressing state, and there never seems to be enough time in the day. This is especially true when you're trying to plan an event on top of everything. Each week we will have prompts to encourage you to take a breath, take a moment to realign your mind and rest. No one can function at 100% if we don't take the time for some self care and reflection.

Feature Fridays: While this isn't exactly something new for us, we still want to introduce it for all the newbies. Each week, we'll be featuring our favorite vendors (venues, caterers, HAMUA, etc.) and giving them the recognition they deserve for their incredible work!

Needless to say we're going to be busy, but we are determined to not only share content, but meaningful, useful, and enjoyable information for everyone!

Is there something specific you want to see on our platforms? Do you have questions? Let's Chat! We guarantee there are others with the same questions and curiosities!

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As always, thanks for reading, we'll see you real soon!



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