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Event Coordinator or Planner?... Who to Pick and Why You Need Them.

Everyone (just about) has seen the 2001 Jennifer Lopez movie: The Wedding Planner and fell in love with the idea of some OCD, uptight scrabble lover finding love with a Medical hottie (the groom of a wedding she's planning, of all people) and living happily ever after. But the movie really only touches on a sliver of what Coordinators actually do and how they play an extraordinary key role in your Wedding. Wedding Coordinators and Wedding Planners are the very backbone of your event; the glue that holds everything together.

First let's review what the differences are between Coordinators and Planners and how they will help you decide what you need:

A Wedding Planner is a professional you would hire to help you plan from the beginning all the way through the day-of. You can expect them to help determine and manage your budget, find and negotiate with your other vendors, assist with all details and design, coordinate hotel rooms for out of town guests, and so much more. The right Planner should be able to oversee everything regarding your event on your behalf and create it the way you want it.