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"When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody..."

"When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible." - Harry Burns, When Harry Met Sally

This movie is a must see for all you hopeless romantics (and Billy Crystal fans!) because it shows us all the power of love and teaches us to live in the moment; take nothing for granted. We completely agree with this quote; why waste any time not being with the one you love? Well there's a way to make sure you don't waste another minute: An Elopement.

Now we know what you're thinking, "Elopements are bad, last minute and less romantic. They're for people going behind their family's backs or because of some other 'pressing issue' such as pregnancy." We're here to break these stereotypes and explain how things have changed (and not just because of COVID19.)

Stereotype #1: "Elopements are not thought out, and are low quality."

This couldn't be more wrong! Elopements have transitioned from your "Let's Go to Vegas" mentality to beautiful, intimate events unique to each couple. While they may be more intimate and on a smaller scale, it still takes a lot of planning.

Everyone has their own vision for the best day of their lives. Elopements allow couples to create a wedding unique to them, their love, without having to morph to the ideals, themes and rules set by venues and other vendors. This in no way alters the quality of their union and if anything makes it more magical.

Plus! In the State of Colorado, couples themselves may solemnize their own marriage (perform their own marriage ceremony) meaning it's just as legitimate as a traditional wedding.

Stereotype #2: "Elopements are for cheapskates."

We have a hard time when anyone uses the word 'cheap' to describe clientele. Let's face it, the Wedding Industry has grown out of control over the years; the average wedding in Colorado now costs $31,000. That is a lot of money to ask couples to to fork out as they begin the next stage of their journey together. There is nothing 'cheap' about couples wanting to start their lives together without going into massive amounts of debt.

Besides, some couples might have more pressing things they want to spend that money on; an elaborate honeymoon or their first house.

Whatever the reason, it's between the couple, and in no way makes their union less significant or beautiful.

Stereotype #3: "Elopements only involve the couple; it shuts out important people."

This stereotype is neither true or untrue; it just depends on the wishes of the couple. While many, many Elopements are done with only the couple, an officiant and a photographer, this isn't true for all. Elopements can be defined as a wedding with 20 guests or fewer; a micro-wedding if you will. This kind of Elopement allows immediate family and/or your closest friends to enjoy the day with the couple in a way that's true to the couple.

These size events are also perfect because they don't require a permit (usually; always check your location's policies/requirements and the current COVID19 Public Health Order.)

Either way, Elopements are meant to be intimate, the way the couple feels is best for them!

Stereotype #4: "Elopements go against all tradition and aren't real weddings."

While there are some legally required parts to unions, regardless of the type; Elopements can still include all the same things.

Many times, the bride is still escorted by her father down the "aisle", rings are still given, and vows are read. But it goes, again, with the wishes of the couple. Just because it's an elopement doesn't mean it has to be completely different from a traditional wedding. BUT there are many Elopements that completely break the mold from traditional weddings. They can be fun, spontaneous, and just as genuine and real as if performed in a traditional venue.

Stereotype #5: "Elopements are for people who feel ashamed or have something to hide."

This irks us to our very core. While this stereotype is pointed more towards same sex marriage, couples who have been previously married, or who have had/are having children out of wedlock, regardless of it's an Elopement or a full blown wedding, the whole point is love.

The unfortunate reality in the wedding industry, is that there are still many vendors and establishments who don't value equality. They discriminate against their clientele for being "different" or not showcasing their "standards" and IT SUCKS.

We believe, regardless of their chosen unity style or anything else for that matter, people have the right to do whatever makes them happy and that they have NOTHING to be ashamed of or hide. But we also understand that it can be hard to find vendors, venues, etc. who have the same ideals and that maybe an Elopement is the better option to avoid unnecessary judgement/discrimination.

You alone know what is going to best fit your vision and your budget. There is no shame in doing whatever is going to make your special day magical. You don't have to trade anything. You're not sacrificing quality or magic or beauty or intimacy by doing things in your own way.

Our goal is to change the way people think about weddings. We want our couples' first thought when getting engaged to be "What do we want it to be like?" instead of "How are we going to afford it?" or "What will people think?" It's your day, your union, your celebration of love. If a big, venue based, traditional wedding is what you've always dreamed of, fantastic, you go for it! If an intimate union with your family and friend or on your own is more your style, beautiful! Your day; your choice. Make it great!

Whether you want to forego the traditional wedding or maybe had to cancel/postpone yours due to COVID19, we have an Elopement Photography Package just for you. Our goal is and has always been to capture the love and preserve your special memories.

Be sure to enter our Elopement Photography Giveaway before June 30th to win your dream Elopement session!

We sincerely hope this provides some insight on Elopements and why traditional weddings aren't for everyone. No two couples or weddings are the same, and that's the way it should be. We will be here supporting love and happiness however we can.

Thank you for reading, as always! Sending love to everyone!

Until next time.



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