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"The Veil of Time ~ Over the Sea to Skye"

Ok ok so this post isn't exactly about a handsome Scot who falls in love with a British woman from the future (sorry for the spoiler if you're not an Outlander fan) but let's be honest here, the music from that show is AMAZING. We are, however, going to talk about Veils; Bridal Veils that is.

You may be thinking "why the heck would I want to read about bridal veils?" and to be honest probably because you're either bored or, like me, beyond excited about your wedding! This week's post has some helpful tips when choosing the correct veil for your special day, because believe it or not, it's just as important as your dress!

So without further ado, grab some mead, put on some Bear McCreary and enjoy these helpful Bridal Veil tips!

1) First off, you need to think of the style/theme of your wedding before you can choose the veil for you. It is more old fashioned or traditional, modern, era themed? What is the look you are going for when you walk down that aisle? This important, not only so you look stunning, but so you feel like a bride not a prom date. Here are a couple of examples: