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So... What is Adventure Photography Anyways?

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." - Helen Keller

So you saw we offer Adventure Photography and you're wondering "What the heck is that and why would I want it or any other kind of Photography?" and you're totally not alone. Adventure Photography can mean several different scenarios, it really just depends on the Photographer.

In our case, we offer Adventure Photography to those not necessarily taking photos for any particular reason (such as a wedding, engagement or elopement.) It's separate; completely independent from Event Photography or Portrait Photography. Here's what we mean:

Colorado is home to some of the most gorgeous destinations in the Country (yes I'm a Native and I'm biased.) But most of these locations are pretty far away from most major cities and take a long time to get there; let alone finding the spot you want photos taken once you get there.

While we are happy to go to any number of these blissful locations for a family shoot, or an engagement, Adventure Photography is meant for shoots that will take a bit of time; whether hiking, driving or what have you. We require a minimum of three hours for Adventure Photography to ensure we are getting to the destination with enough time to really dive deep into some beautiful shots without feeling rushed.

"So when would I need Adventure Photography over any of your other Photography services?"

Excellent question! There are several scenarios where Adventure Photography might be for you!

#1 - A Proposal followed by an Engagement Session

So you've decided you want to pop the question and have it all photographed in the moment. Fantastic! I can attest that this is the sweetest, most awesome surprise for your soon-to-be fiance (my Mike hired a local photographer in Ireland to capture his proposal to me!)

While you can plan away the location, timing, etc. of your proposal, we highly encourage giving yourself enough time so nothing is forced or rushed; simply in the moment and authentic. This could take 15 minutes, or it could take more than an hour; you just never know and it's best to be prepared.

But depending on the location and nature of your proposal, you're definitely going to want some gorgeous portraits taken after your SO says Yes! While planned engagement sessions can be beautiful and still really fun; you'll never be able to recreate the sheer happiness and authenticity of the excitement you feel in that very moment. This is the perfect time to grab those portraits of you two celebrating taking the next step in your adventure together without forcing those feelings. Our Adventure Photography packages will cover everything from stepping foot at your destination, popping the question, all the way to your last kiss before you head home, because let's face it, it's a day worth remembering just as much as the day you say I DO.

#2 - There just isn't enough time to grab the photos you really want on your elopement/wedding day

Let's face it, Weddings are crazy to plan in the first place, and even with the BEST timeline, couples are still barely able to rest for more than a minute.

While we guarantee beautiful, authentic photos on your special day, if we're being honest, our creativity is being confined to the 30 minutes between family photos and your grand entrance to grab what we can. And we would be absolutely lying if we said we weren't interrupted in that time from guests or vendors.

If you are truly wanting to optimize your time with your guests on your special day, without sacrificing the already limited time with us to grab your bridal portraits, the Adventure Package is for you. This allows us to escape either after the wedding has ended (depending on the time of day, of course, and pending venue approval) or scheduling a session for the day after anywhere.

Of course, we understand you don't want to spend a ton of money to get your hair/makeup done, only to have to wait until the day after your wedding to get the "good photos." But we like to think of an Adventure Session more as you're already married, it's after the wedding, almost as if we're documenting your honeymoon instead; a completely different event. It gives you the freedom and flexibility to do anything, anywhere without worrying about whether your DJ is playing the right music, or your Aunt is getting too drunk at the bar. It allows for more intimacy and less worry.

#3 - Your venue is not very photogenic in the first place

Truthfully, there are a lot of venues that are absolutely stunning on the inside... but atrocious on the outside. This is especially true for venues located in the midst of cramped, busy cities. Some venues are an absolute dream and match your every desire for the way you want your reception to look and feel... but has absolutely nowhere to take quality photos without construction, bizarre signs, light poles, or other people. While these may work for your ceremony/reception, we totally get that you might want portraits offsite. But again, timing is not on our side when it comes to weddings in the first place, let alone trying to add another destination to the list.

Our Adventure Sessions allow us to scamper off to a much more desirable location to really capture your vision. Whether it's after your guests take off or the day after, this allows you to have control over the look and feel of the memories we capture for you. Apart from weather, you have full control over the timing, location and fun you want to have.

#4 - Your not necessarily doing anything in particular, but want some photos anyways

Our Adventure Sessions are not only for people getting engaged, eloping or getting married. It can be for a family on vacation somewhere adventurous and want their family portraits updated. This could be for a couple celebrating on their honeymoon, or celebrating an anniversary, or even a high school senior wanting something outside the box. Maybe you just feel like visiting a really awesome place and want professional photos to remember it by.

#5 - Destination Photography

A lot of our clients don't realize that Adventure Sessions can be and are essentially Destination Photography sessions with a fancier title.

Maybe you you really love a spot in Utah, or Alabama or heck a different Country and really want photos taken there for any of the reasons listed above; fantastic let's go! If you can't tell by now, we LOVE adventure. We love going to new places, meeting new people and experiencing new things; even more, we love photographing it as we go (take a peek at our Travel Photography album on our site!)

Basically we WANT to go to far away places with gorgeous views and exciting culture. We want to get out, see the world and create some memories while snapping yours. We can chat and create a package specifically for you!

Whatever your reason, we'll be there to document everything and make sure your memories are preserved for years to come.

If you're thinking about scheduling an Adventure session, be sure to check out the different packages we offer under our Services page to see which might be the best option for you! We do offer custom quotes, so please don't hesitate to ask!

Contact us for availability and we'll get you on our calendar for an Adventure!

As always, thank you for reading, and we look forward to many adventures to come!



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