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January 3, 2020 ~ Wedding!

We kicked off 2020 with style by shooting this gorgeous mountain wedding at the Tarryall River Ranch in Lake George, Colorado.

If I'm being completely honest, this was my first January wedding I've ever shot and I didn't really know what to expect; weather, guest count, the willingness to freeze our butts off to get some killer photos, you get my drift. But I packed my gear, bundled up as if I was going to Antarctica and headed up the mountain.

Upon my arrival I noticed the stunning decor put up along one of the bigger cabins and as there were quite a few around me, I guessed it was the reception site. After checking in with the Bride I ventured to get some detail shots and quickly found out that the large cabin was in fact for the ceremony! And boy oh boy was I happily surprised. It was breathtaking how rustic but elegant the natural and setup decor was.

It was cozy but it could still accommodate a fair amount of guests and the rather large bridal party that would be entering in just a few hours.

After grabbing some amazing detail shots, and taking in the splendor of the venue, it was time to grab some getting ready photos of the Bridal Party.

Tip of the Day: If you are a couple who wants to have "getting ready" photos, here's my advice. Instead of scheduling (and paying) for hours upon hours of photos where people look half awake or their hair is messed up, I always recommend starting when everyone is about 90% ready. The only shots you're ever really going to want are ones where everyone looks good. For example: the guys putting on their jacket and tie, the bride putting on the final touches to her makeup or hair, the bride putting on her dress, and perhaps any other accessories such as a veil or headdress. You (and your bridal party) will thank you for not snapping and sharing photos that make them look less than presentable.

From getting all glamorous, we all headed to the top of the mountain for their First Look and holy moly was it stunning! I was not informed there would be a separate spot for the First Look and Bridal Portraits but it was a photographers dream come true as far as location! If I said it wasn't cold, I would be chattering lies through my teeth. Our lovely bride was so brave and such a trooper through these chilly photos and it was so worth it! They looked absolutely stunning and were so clearly in love!

After a few moments alone to embrace the special day with one another, their bridal party joined us for some photos. Most bridal party peeps are really great about smiling and "lookin good" but this group went above and beyond considering the cold circumstances. They laughed, the joked, they smiled, some were hit in the face with bouquets; it was awesome.

The unity of this group of people and their abundant love for this couple was heartwarming and refreshing. They clearly wanted to be there and they supported them every step of the way!

From here we all headed back down the mountain to warm up and prepare for the ceremony! Guests trickled in and were just as stunned by the beauty of the venue. There were tears and laughter from everyone in the room, as this ceremony captured the life and love of this amazing couple. Stunning from every angle, this is one of the few ceremonies that kinda make you sad when it's over.

After their happy and joyful union, all the guests, Bridal Party and the couple headed outside where a large white tent had been set up. Inside were rows of banquet tables covered in flowers beneath strings of twinkle lights. The caterer had set up a beautiful L-shaped buffet where guests could enjoy appetizers and tacos! The amount of little details everywhere brought the whole event together and matched the small mountain town perfectly! And even though it was chilly (and got chillier as the sun went down) guests had a wonderful time, the couple had a wonderful time, and best of all they left with smiles all around.

All in all, this was an extraordinarily beautiful wedding that I was incredibly blessed to capture. Everyone was sweet, they had fun and they made my job as a creative professional easy and enjoyable! I loved this sweet couple and am very sad that our work relationship came and went so quickly, but I wish them all the best in their future together!

As always, thank you so much for reading and catching up on all of our adventures! It's never a dull moment around here and we are so grateful to be part of such a rewarding community.

Until next time!



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