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Pre-planned  Themed Portrait Sessions!

$75 per person per shoot

*Unlimited Shoot Time*


$10 per Fully Edited, high-Resolution, Downloadable image


$50 1-minute cinematic Highlight Video



Payment is required prior to delivery of all final images/video


Content Days

Check out our Available Dates below

Would you prefer a private session? 
Book a Full creative portrait session instead

Available Content Day Sessions


May 14, 2023

All Bagginses, Boffins, Tooks, Brandybucks, Grubbs, Chubbs, Hornblowers, Bolgers, Bracegirdles, Proudfoots, Rangers, Elves, Dwarves and yes even Urukai are welcome for this fantastical springtime Tolkien session!

Sandstone Ranch Open Space, Perry Park, CO

Time TBD

Min 4 attendees or will be rescheduled


June 4, 2023

Desert Sci-Fi - Dystopian 

All Rebels, Jedis, Droids, Siths, Storm Troopers, Wookiees, Mandalorians, Atreides, Mondoshawans, and Plavalaguna's  are welcome for this desert themed adventure session!

Paint Mine Open Space, Calhan, CO

Time TBD

Min 4 attendees or will be rescheduled


July 12, 2023

Water Fantasy

Calling all mermaids, sirens, nymphs and moody Shakespearean dames for this aquatic fantasy session!

Paradise Cove, Guffey, CO

Time TBD

Min 5 attendees or will be rescheduled


Medieval Renaissance 

Details Coming Soon!


Springtime in Middle Earth 

Hobbit Fantasy Photography
Knight Fantasy Photography
Star Wars Fantasy Photography
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